Supreme court judges warn UK of breaching International Law in arms sales to Israel, urges to halt trade

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New Delhi:As the UK faces global condemnation for supplying weapons to Israel amid the Gaza war, three former Supreme Court judges join a chorus of over 600 signatories, emphasising the urgent need to halt arms sales to prevent potential genocide.

The letter highlights the “plausible risk of genocide” in Gaza, urging an immediate end to arms transfers. With increasing pressure mounting on Prime Minister Rishi Sunak following the tragic killing of aid workers in an Israeli airstrike, demands for accountability and adherence to international humanitarian law grow louder.

The signatories, including prominent legal figures and judges, stress the gravity of the situation and call for decisive action to avoid UK collaboration in grave violations of international law, particularly regarding the Genocide Convention.

Earlier on Tuesday, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak stated that the UK has a “very careful” arms licensing regime.

Speaking to the Sun, Sunak demanded an independent investigation into the Israeli strike but avoided commenting that arms sales between the UK and Israel should end adding that the UK had been “consistently clear” with Israel to adhere with the international humanitarian law.

As the Labour Party and SNP push for parliamentary debates and suspensions of arms sales, more than 600 lawyers, academics and retired senior judges who have signed a 17-page letter saying “serious action” was needed to “avoid UK complicity in grave breaches of international law, including potential violations of the Genocide Convention.”

Signatories include former Supreme Court justices Lord Sumption and Lord Wilson, along with nine other judges and 69 KCs.

“If it says there is a clear risk that UK arms might be used in a serious breach of international humanitarian law, it’s time to suspend the sale of those arms,” shadow foreign secretary David Lammy was quoted as saying by BBC.

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