Teri Meri Doriyaann 1st April episode update: What’s the truth behind Simran’s disappearance?

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New Delhi: Sahiba learns that Diljeet has been taken into custody by the police. She rushes to the police station with Akir. On seeing Daljeet’s state, Akir runs and hugs him. Sahiba notices that Diljeet has been beaten by the police and asks the police officer on what grounds they arrested and beat him up. According to the inspector, a girl is missing who is the sister of a wealthy businessman from Ludhiana, and Diljeet is the prime suspect in this case. Sahiba asks the inspector what evidence they have against him. Sahiba tells the policeman that Diljeet would never do such a thing. Surendra informs her that he explained to the businessman that Diljeet is an innocent man, and he discovered the phone inside his truck.

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After telling the policeman that Diljeet is innocent and without any proper evidence, he cannot be held in custody. The inspector agrees to leave him and lets them take him home. Before leaving, the inspector asks Diljeet to leave his address and phone number.

Sahiba, Akir, and Diljeet reach home. Biji, seeing Diljeet’s wounds, gives him turmeric milk to drink for his pain. Sahiba and Diljeet were sitting together when Diljeet started talking about the businessman and how protective he was about his family because he was very worried about his sister. Hearing this, Sahiba comments on the businessman’s character.

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In the last episode, we saw that Angad received a call from a hospital nurse informing him that a girl named Simran Kaur had been admitted to the hospital. He quickly leaves for the hospital. In this episode, when Angad arrives at the hospital, he notices Simran is unconscious and becomes concerned. Concerned about his sister’s physical health, he asks the nurse about her condition. The nurse said that Simran was unconscious when she was brought to the hospital and has a high fever right now. The nurse informed Angad that they had given her a strong dose of medication which would help her recover quickly.

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Diljeet, while eating his meal, tells Sahiba that the businessman might behave rudely with others, but he would go to any length to protect his family. But when he received a call from Panesar Town Hospital, he hurriedly left. Sahiba, on hearing the mention of Panesar Town Hospital, tells Diljeet that she might know the missing girl. Sahiba then continues to tell Diljeet how she found an unconscious girl near the hand pump who was burning from fever. She proceeded to take her to the hospital, where she was admitted. Diljeet, learning this, tells Sahiba that he believes the girl in the hospital is the businessman’s sister.

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Simran finally gains consciousness. As soon as she wakes up, Angad asks her about how she ended up in this hospital. Simran decides not to tell the truth to Angad, and she makes up the story that she slipped and fell in a trunk and fainted. Also, she immediately gave Angad a call after regaining consciousness. Later, she ran away from the truck and realised that she had lost her phone. Being tired from running, she fainted and did not remember anything after that. Angad lets Simran know that a woman has brought her into the hospital. Listening to this, the latter requests Angad to thank the woman who saved her. On realising that Diljeet is not the culprit and is telling the truth, he regrets behaving rudely towards her.

Teri Meri Doriyaann episode today

Akir, still furious with Angad, intends to take revenge on him. Diljeet, sensing Akir’s mood, attempts to divert him by saying that he will soon be buying the bicycle Akir wanted. Sahiba reminds Diljeet that they cannot afford the bicycle. Diljeet, hearing this, says Akir means the world to him, and he will do everything for him. Akir then tells Sahiba and Diljeet that he would like to sleep with them tonight. Diljeet explains to Akir that he is too old for such things.

In the hospital, while Simran was unconscious, she summoned Sahiba’s name, which startled Angad. Later, when she regained consciousness, Angad questioned her about why she was calling Sahiba’s name. Simran said that she may have had a nightmare.

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