Teri Meri Doriyaann written update today [3rd April episode]: Angad saves Akir

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New Delhi: The latest episode (to be aired on 3rd April 2024) of Teri Meri Doriyaann begins with Akir fleeing to avoid getting caught by his mother. Sahiba is looking for Akir and yelling his name. The title track for the serial begins to play, and we see Angad and Sahiba arrive but do not see each other at first. Angad is asking a stranger for directions, while Sahiba is looking around for Akir.

Teri Meri Doriyann written updates

Sahiba asks a small boy if he has seen Akir. The child points his finger in the direction that Akir has gone. Sahiba then proceeds to search for Akir. Angad, on the other hand, is trying to wash the stain off his trousers. Angad and Sahiba almost cross paths. Sahiba sees Akir running towards a truck and rushes towards him, but falls. Angad notices this and rushes towards Akir to save him. Just in time, Angad takes Akir from the front of the truck and saves him. They both roll to the side of the road. Sahiba then gets up and runs towards Akir, but faints.

Sahiba’s dupatta falls on both Akir and Angad. Meanwhile, people gather around the unconscious Sahiba. Akir, on seeing the dupatta, says aloud that it is his mother’s dupatta. To which Angad asks him if his mother is somewhere around. Akir and Angad are seen talking to each other. During their small conversation, Akir calls Angaad “ Mr.Brar,” and Angaad tells him that he used to call his father by this name. Akir tells Angad that calling his father by his name is bad manners.

Teri Meri Doriyann written updates today

Angad becomes sad about his deceased son. He tells Akir that if his son had been alive, he would be about Akir’s age and would try to make the two friends, but Akir has already left. Akir goes back to his mother, calling her “mumma.” Sahiba regains consciousness and takes Akir into her arms.

Angad gets up from the ground, and a man offers him water. He then drinks the water while watching Sahiba care for Akir, but he cannot see Sahiba’s face. As Angad proceeds towards Sahiba and Akir, his shoe sole tears off. Sahiba can be seen scolding Akir for running towards the truck. Akir apologises to his mother.

Teri Meri Doriyann episode today

Angad pulls off his shoes and starts walking barefoot. Angad, still watching Sahiba and Akir from behind, criticises Akir’s mother for being careless. He then starts walking in another direction. While walking barefoot, he steps on a broken piece of mud. Angad grabs it in his hands and observes the broken object. He then recalls the time when he once saw Sahiba in his car.

Sahiba asks Akir who saved him. A woman in the crowd responds that the owner of the car parked nearby had saved his son. Sahiba sees Angad from the back and decides to thank him.

Sahiba was walking towards Angad when Akir stopped her and asked her not to thank the man. Akir and Sahiba are making their way towards Angad. Angad throws away the broken mud chunk and leaves it in his car. Sahiba sees him leave and regrets that she was unable to thank him. Akir is relieved that his mother could not meet Angad. Sahiba then disciplines Akir for unleashing Sattu’s buffaloes.

Teri Meri Doriyann updates

Akir and Sahiba return home while she continues to scold him. Akir explains that he was just trying to give a lesson to the businessman who made Diljeet suffer at the police station. Sahiba teaches him that it is unethical to do wrong to people. Akir listens to his mother’s advice carefully and hugs her.

Sahiba asks Twinkle to take Akir inside and make him study, saying that she is going out. She further added that on her way back, she will pay a visit to the girl she admitted to the hospital. The police have come to the hospital to get Simran’s statement. Simran becomes nervous about seeing the police and requests that Angad accompany her while she gives the statement. Angad stays with her.

Teri Meri Doriyann updates today

Sahiba has come to see Simran. The nurse comes across Sahiba and informs her that the girl she brought the other day is alright. The nurse tells Sahiba that his brother has arrived, and he is quite concerned about her. He had cared for her sister all night when she was sick.

Sahiba tells the nurse that she wants to meet the man, to which the nurse advises her to wait as the police have come to take Simran’s statement.

The nurse meets Angad and informs him that the woman who brought his sister in wants to see him. Angad instructs the nurse to bring in the woman. The nurse goes to Sahiba and informs her that Mr.Brar is calling her. Sahiba gets startled when she hears the name Mr.Brar. The nurse tells her that the girl has brought in the sister of Angad Singh Brar, Simran Singh Brar. Sahiba stands startled and begins to recall her days with Angaad.

Teri Meri Doriyann written updates 3 April

Sahiba then sees Angad and the police arriving, which reminds her of when Angad told her to leave Brar’s residence. The nurse then tries to stop Sahiba, but she ignores her and leaves in a hurry.

The police state that seeing Simran’s health and statement prove that Diljeet is innocent and has nothing to do with the case. Angaad deeply regrets treating him like a criminal.

The episode ends.

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