There is an uninhabited ghost town in Arizona and its name is Nothing. Yes, seriously

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New Delhi: Nothing, really? Yeah, that is the name of a town in Arizona which has been abandoned by people and you will seldom come across a place whose name matches its features so suitably. There is literally nothing in that town, and if you ever go there, you will get nothing but an eerie feeling thanks to the sheer emptiness and silence of the place.

An abandoned town with nothing

Nothing is an uninhabited ghost town in Arizona’s eastern Mohave County. Much like Schitt’s Creek, the town in the famous web series of the same name bought by Johnny Rose for his son David Rose, Nothing was purchased by a wealthy man. But unlike Schitt’s Creek, Nothing never really had a substantial population or any of the amenities that people need.

Who established this weird town?

In 1977, Richard ‘Buddy’ Kenworthy established the settlement of Nothing. It is located between Wickenburg and Kingman, on the route from Las Vegas to Phoenix. Located at an elevation of 3269 feet, there is a sign in the town which states that Nothing’s inhabitants were full of Hope, Faith, and Belief in the work ethic. Over the years, people had faith in Nothing, hoped for Nothing, worked at Nothing, and for Nothing.

Kenworthy established the settlement in hopes of mining minerals and in 1988, its population was nine. There was a bar, ‘Taint Much Ado’ which was destroyed in fire. After that, six people left the place and in the 1990s, Kenworth’s stepdaughter reportedly wanted to open a nude-art gallery there.

How did the town get its name?

According to a Seattle Times report from 1993, Kenworthy stated that the name ‘Nothing’ was suggested by a friend since there was ‘nothing in the place’. According to the local people, the town was named by a bunch of drunkards.

The Abandonment of Nothing

At one point in time, the total population of Nothing was reportedly four. In 2005, the town was abandoned and Kenworthy relocated to another place. It had a gas station and a small convenience store but they began to collapse by 2008. In the same year, a person named Mike Jensen bought the place and attempted to revive it. He had opened his pizza business in Nothing by 2009 and ran it from a portable oven, hoping to reopen the mini-mart and create accommodations for RVs. However, this venture failed. In 2016, a real estate company named Century 21 ran a ‘Give Dad Nothing’ promotion where a free 24-hour lease to a piece of property at Nothing could be bagged on Father’s Day. It was also offering a ‘Certificate of Nothing’ and gift cards, but this venture failed as well.

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