This Limited Edition Galaxy S24 Ultra Cybertruck Edition will Cost You ₹7.5 Lakh

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In an intriguing turn of events, a new smartphone has emerged, directly inspired by the avant-garde design of Tesla’s Cybertruck. The Galaxy S24 Ultra, crafted by the luxury brand Caviar, not only stands out for its unique look but also carries a hefty price tag of $8,770 (₹7,28,142) for the 256GB model. This news has certainly caught the attention of tech and automobile enthusiasts alike, blending the boundaries of futuristic design and cutting-edge technology.

Blade Runner Meets Tesla: The Story Behind Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Sci-Fi Look

Galaxy S24 Ultra Cybertruck Edition: A Fusion of Titanium and Science Fiction

Caviar is known for transforming ordinary gadgets into extraordinary pieces of luxury. With the Galaxy S24 Ultra, they have taken this to a new level, incorporating titanium and jewelry enamel to mimic the bold, standout aesthetics of Tesla’s Cybertruck. The design is not just a nod to Tesla’s electric truck; it’s an homage to the sci-fi era of the 1980s, particularly the vehicles from the iconic movie “Blade Runner” (1982).

According to Caviar’s statement on their website, “The style of the Tesla Cybertruck emerged thanks to the science fiction of the 1980s… We have transferred the key elements to the Samsung S24 Ultra Cyber – sharp lines, clean metal, body geometry, and the color of the Cybertruck headlights. The car of the future in your hands.”

Galaxy S24 Ultra Cybertruck Edition: Exclusivity and High Price Tag

This special edition smartphone is not for the faint-hearted, both in terms of design and price. Limited to just 99 units worldwide, it adds an exclusivity factor that might justify its price for some. Interestingly, this price is deemed “somewhat modest” by Caviar standards, especially when compared to their $74,000 pure gold S24 Ultra variant.

Caviar Unveils Limited Edition Galaxy S24 Ultra with Cybertruck Design

For those interested in snagging this limited edition, Caviar is offering a 15% discount for payments made with cryptocurrency, making the deal slightly sweeter for crypto enthusiasts.

Galaxy S24 Ultra Cybertruck Edition: Who is it For?

The Galaxy S24 Ultra Cybertruck edition appears to target a very niche market. While Tesla and Elon Musk have amassed a large following of tech-savvy and environmentally conscious consumers, it’s commonly believed that most Tesla fans lean towards Apple products. However, for the Android-using Tesla admirer, this smartphone might just be the perfect accessory to complement their electric vehicle.

The question remains: Is the fusion of a smartphone with the distinctive, polarizing design of a futuristic vehicle like the Tesla Cybertruck a stroke of genius or a niche too far? Only time will tell how the market reacts to this bold blend of technology and automotive design.

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