Total Solar Eclipse 2024: Airbnb Bookings Soar Across Eclipse’s Path of Totality

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As North America gears up for the much-anticipated Total Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2024, accommodations along the eclipse’s path are witnessing an unprecedented booking rush. This celestial phenomenon has not only captured the imagination of sky gazers but has also sparked a surge in travel plans, with Airbnb listings along the path of totality quickly filling up.

With the eclipse approaching in less than a week, over half of U.S. cities along the eclipse’s path are fully booked for the night of April 7th according to data from @airdna

— Jamie Lane (@Jamie_Lane) April 2, 2024

Eclipse Fever Hits Accommodations

The Total Solar Eclipse, a rare astronomical event where the Moon completely blocks the Sun, casting a shadow over Earth, has led to a significant increase in Airbnb bookings. The path of totality, a 115-mile wide track stretching from Mexico through the United States to Maine, is the prime viewing zone. Cities within this path are seeing a 300% surge in search interest in Canada and an astonishing 1,000% spike in the United States.

The Line of Totality

The line of totality is the golden ticket for witnessing the eclipse in its full glory. Outside this line, observers will only see a partial eclipse. This has spurred Americans and Canadians, especially from cities like New York, to secure their spots in the path of totality. Top booked places include Austin, Mazatlan, Dallas, Indianapolis, and Montreal, among others.

Timing the Eclipse

The eclipse will offer a spectacular view of more than three minutes of daytime darkness in North America. In Indian Standard Time (IST), the eclipse will be observable from 09:12 PM on April 8 until 2:22 AM on April 9, 2024. Meanwhile, in the US, the total eclipse will start in Texas at 1:27 PM Central Daylight Time (CDT) and end in Maine at 3:35 PM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

How to watch the Total Solar Eclipse 2024 from India

Why This Eclipse Is Special

This solar eclipse is drawing extra attention as it marks the first event of its kind to cross North America in 20 years. The midday darkness expected across Mexico, the US, and Canada offers a unique opportunity for scientific observation and public fascination.

The Science Behind the Eclipse

A Total Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon positions itself directly between the Earth and the Sun, completely covering the latter. This alignment is rare and offers a unique opportunity to study the Sun’s corona, solar flares, and other celestial phenomena without the need for specialized telescopes.

The Rush for a Spot

The anticipation for the eclipse has led to more than 1,000 new hosts planning to welcome guests through Airbnb. Cities along the path of totality are reporting significantly higher booking volumes, with Austin and Mazatlan leading the pack.

Viewing the Eclipse Safely

While the excitement builds, it’s important to remember that viewing the eclipse requires special precautions to protect one’s eyes. Experts recommend using eclipse glasses or viewers that meet safety standards to prevent any damage from the Sun’s rays.

This article is written by Akansha Gupta

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