Twins with fragile bones, expected to not survive after birth, are now 3 yrs old

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Atlanta: When a couple conceives, especially for the first time, it is joyful and exciting. The wait of the new chapter in their life, the excitement of becoming parents and the joy of new beginnings keep them happy and busy. However, sometimes unfortunate events topple those feelings. One such thing happened to the parents of twins Maryam and Mia – twin sisters who were born with a rare disease.

Maryam and Mia were born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta

Maryam and Mia were born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type II when they were born. This means that their bones were as fragile as eggshells when they were born and would crack on the slightest of force applied – including knows, sneeze or hugs. The doctors had told the parents of the twins that would not survive for long and prepared them to say their goodbyes.

Mirror also reported that their mother, Rayan, was not allowed to hold her daughters for four months due to their fragile bodies. The twins, however, fought hard and were able to go home after four months of being in the hospital. “The doctors compared their bones to eggshells, they are that delicate. It’s a life-long condition so we will always have to be extremely careful with them. They’re like little china dolls. Even though they’re delicate, they have big personalities,” Rayan SAID.

Twins have now turned 3

Rayan was told about the twins’ delayed growth while she was pregnant. However, the doctors did not see it as a very big thing to worry about. After their birth, a nurse came to Rayan and told her about the condition of her daughters. “She said they have fractures all over their bodies. I said: ‘are you sure you’re talking about our twins?’ Kept them on the pillows, gel to keep them comfortable. They had to splint their arms and legs to try and heal them. We weren’t allowed to hold them – it was horrible and overwhelming,” Rayan said.

“We had to be so careful, we couldn’t scoop them up for a big hug. If they’re on the floor playing, even lifting an arm too quickly can cause a fracture. There isn’t much we can do – we just wrap them while they heal,” the mother further said. She also said that Maryam and Mia’s Osteogenesis Imperfecta has now reduced to type III, which is less lethal than type II. The twins turned three years old in 2023.

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