Uttarakhand Lok Sabha polls: Sanatan is a constant flow which imbibes everyone, says Trivendra Singh Rawat

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Haridwar: Amidst the presence of many seers and political leaders, a significant event unfolded as thousands of supporters joined BJP yesterday. Under the leadership of Swami Rishishwaranand ji, president of Chetan Jyoti Ashram, and senior Congress leader Purushottam Sharma, this momentous gathering took place on Wednesday in Haridwar.

This reflects the unwavering faith and trust of the people in the BJP

Shri Trivendra Singh Rawat, the former Chief Minister and BJP candidate from Haridwar, along with state BJP president Mahendra Bhatt, extended a warm welcome to Purushottam Sharma and all other supporters who chose to align with the BJP. On this occasion, Trivendra Singh Rawat said, “The decision of people who joined BJP today reflects their unwavering faith and trust in the BJP. As the elections approach, the BJP stands to gain from this show of solidarity in the coming Lok Sabha election.”

This is the flow of ‘Sanatan’ which imbibe everyone

Addressing the people present on this occasion, Trivendra Singh Rawat said, “Now all of you will make your contribution to PM Modi’s resolution of developed India by joining the BJP. He informed that so far, about 20000 people from BSP, SP, Lok Dal and Congress have joined BJP. Appreciating this move of the seers and leaders of other parties joining BJP, he hailed Sanatan Dharma and said, “This is the flow of ‘Sanatan’ which imbibes everyone. Sanatan is eternal and infinite. Our saints are working as flag bearers to take Sanatan forward. In the coming times, not only India but the entire world will have to join the flow of Sanatani stream, because only Sanatan can uplift the human race and today’s world is understanding this.”

Sanatan culture is deeply rooted in India’s heritage

Trivendra Rawat hailed the enduring spirit of Sanatana Dharma and its cultural significance. He said, “There are many types of cultures in the world. Many attempts were made to erase our Sanatan culture but no one could erase our existence. Sanatan culture, deeply rooted in India’s heritage, has withstood the test of time. Despite challenges and attempts to suppress it, Sanatan Dharma remains an indomitable force. Its resilience lies in its ability to adapt, evolve, and preserve timeless wisdom. Even today our Sanatan Dharma stands strong. Today only BJP is engaged in the work of strengthening Sanatan Dharma. This is the reason why many people are joining the BJP today. BJP is such an ocean in which all kinds of gems are being found.”

BJP will win with great margin this election

Trivendra said that in the last election, BJP had won from Haridwar by more than 2.5 lakh votes, in this election we are hopeful that BJP will win by a margin of more than 5 lakh votes.

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