Uttarakhand LS polls: The development work in the last ten years is only a trailer, says PM Modi

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Dehradun: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has sounded the bugle for Lok Sabha electoral battle in Uttarakhand by holding a public rally in Rudrapur on Tuesday. In his speech, he said that the development work done in the last ten years is just a trailer, and the country is going to be the third economic power of the world in his third term. Furthermore, this is Modi’s guarantee which means the guarantee of fulfillment of the guarantee. State Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, BJP candidate from Nainital parliamentary constituency Ajay Bhatt, BJP candidate from Almora Ajay Tamta, State BJP President Mahendra Bhatt, Women and Force Development Minister Rekha Arya were also present in the Prime Minister’s meeting.

Appealed to people to make BJP stronger

Prime Minister Modi appealed to the people present in the meeting and said that will they make Modi stronger and make all the five candidates of BJP win? On this, people agreed with him and raised slogans of Modi-Modi. The Prime Minister said that we still have to take the country a lot further. We neither have to get tired nor stop. In the beginning of his address, he hailed deities (Nanda Devi and Golaju Maharaj) of Uttarakhand and asked people’s wellbeing in the local Kumaoni dialect. He said, “This is my first meeting in Devbhoomi, I am not able to decide whether this is an election campaign or a victory meeting.”

He mentioned the development work in Uttarakhand

During his address, PM Modi said, “This election meeting is being held in an area which is called Mini India. Whenever I come to the holy land of Uttarakhand, I feel blessed.” He further said, “Uttarakhand has developed more in the last ten years than it has in the last sixty-five years after independence. The BJP government has provided water connections to 12 lakh houses. Here, more than five lakh women have been given cylinders under the Ujjwala scheme. Bank accounts of 35 lakh people have been opened. Rs. 2200 crores have been sent to the accounts of small farmers of Uttarakhand. When the intentions are right, things like this happen. That’s why I say that if the intention is right then the results are also right.”

Reiterated his determination announced at Kedarnath

PM Modi announced his determination which he announced a few years ago that this decade will be the decade of Uttarakhand and your every vote will further strengthen this resolve. Mentioning his solar power scheme he said that he is going to achieve another feat in the coming term. Under PM Suryaghar Yojana, he communicated to the people in rally that under this scheme you will not only get free electricity but the government will buy extra electricity from you and you will earn from it. Referring to the Namo Drone Didi scheme, he said that drones worth lakhs of rupees are being given to women associated with self-help groups, the women of Devbhoomi will also benefit from this in the coming time.

Modi attacked Congress for using undemocratic language

Indirectly referring to Rahul Gandhi, Modi attacked Congress and said that the prince of the royal family of this country has said that if the Modi government comes to power again, the country will be on fire. Those who ruled for sixty years and remained out of power for ten years started using such undemocratic language. Congress has no faith in democracy and hence wants to plunge the country into anarchy. Shouldn’t such people be punished? The people of Uttarakhand cannot forget that they had insulted the country’s son first CDS Bipin Rawat.

Modi’s rally is going to make widespread effects on constituencies

This rally of Prime Minister Modi will not only have a direct impact on the three Lok Sabha seats of Uttarakhand but will also influence the voters in the Lok Sabha seats of nearby Uttar Pradesh. In his speech, Modi tried his best to woo the military voters, women and youth of the state. Referring to the development works done by the BJP government in the border villages, Modi said that we have kept the border villages in the category of first village. Modi also appeared attacking the opposition regarding corruption.

Uttarakhand is moving rapidly on the path of development

Speaking at this rally, Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami said that only PM Modi is able to take the decisions which were taken in the last ten years. He further said, Modi’s attachment to Uttarakhand is not hidden from anyone. We have received schemes worth Rs 2 lakh crore under the leadership of Modi ji and we are rapidly moving forward on the path of development. Attacking Congress, he said that Congress has only worked to loot the country and keeps trying to launch its own prince again and again.” BJP candidate from Nainital parliamentary constituency Ajay Bhatt, BJP candidate from Almora Ajay Tamta, State BJP President Mahendra Bhatt, Women and Force Development Minister Rekha Arya were also present in the Prime Minister’s meeting.

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