Video: Citizen safety on stake to get viral, man lies on car hood at Delhi’s Signature bridge

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Delhi: In an effort to get viral on social media, individuals these days often partake in daring stunts that flagrantly defy traffic rules and violates the law. Meanwhile, now another such incident has been reported from the national capital where a video has sparked controversy online, with many criticising its extreme nature solely for the purpose of gaining attention. Furthermore, netizens also went on to highlight citizen safety which is usually kept on stake just for the sake of boosting some social media engagement.

Viral video draws netizens attention

The recently viral footage starts with two women seated inside a car, one in the driver’s seat and the other in the co-passenger seat, the car seems to be parked on Delhi’s Signature Bridge. Both women seem to casually dismiss an individual who, unexpectedly, is lying on the car’s hood, attempting to apologise to them. The camera then zooms out, revealing the car moving forward while the man remains stretched out on his stomach on the bonnet of the car.

The viral video has been brought to attention by a X (formerly twitter) user @SachinGuptaUP.

“The deadly reel is from Delhi’s Signature Bridge. Along with challan and arrest, the police should delete their Insta-Youtube accounts,” reads the translation of Sachin’s tweet, originally posted in Hindi.

जानलेवा REEL दिल्ली के सिग्नेचर ब्रिज की है। पुलिस को चालान और अरेस्ट करने के साथ इनके इंस्टा-यूट्यूब अकाउंट डिलीट कर देने चाहिए।

— Sachin Gupta (@SachinGuptaUP) March 31, 2024

The post on X now has over 4.5 lakh views, 1.8+ likes and several comments highlighting the seriousness of the matter.

Internet users demands strict action

“Law lessness is at it’s high peak…” wrote a user named @StrockSuper.

“A serious challan and case should be filed on this offence,” mentioned another user named @iamAshwiniyadav.

Challan worth over Rs 80,000 issued in Noida

Meanwhile we earlier reported that the Noida Traffic Police last week said that a fine of Rs 47,500 has been imposed against three people, including two women, whose video of scooter-riding surfaced on social media. The city police have also lodged an FIR in the case.

#Noida: Police arrested Vineeta, Preeti and Piyush who were spreading obscenity on the streets of Delhi, Metro and Noida.

A challan of around 80,000 has already been issued for his scooter.

— Saba Khan (@ItsKhan_Saba) March 28, 2024

Earlier this week, the city traffic police had slapped a fine of Rs 33,000 on the scooter-owner after their first video surfaced on social media on March 25. The video went viral on social media and was criticised for vulgarity in public places.

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