Vishisht Seva Medal: Know all about the military honour and eligibility

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New Delhi: Commitment, dedication and selfless service to the nation are the first motives of soldiers of the Indian Armed Forces. Recognising their contribution, the government of India honour them with several prestigious awards to boost their morale. In line with that, President Droupadi Murmu honoured Havildar Varinder Singh, a soldier of the Sikh Regiment in the Indian Army, with the prestigious Vishisht Seva Medal for his tremendous contribution in the development of a ‘Multipurpose Octocopter’.

What is special about the Multipurpose Octocopter that earns Singh the prestigious award

An octocopter is a small, remote-controlled helicopter-like aerial device that helps perform multiple tasks, including delivering goods, filming cinema and maintaining surveillance from the top, etc. The Multipurpose Octocopter designed by Singh is a versatile remote-controlled aerial device. It will not only help the army keep a close eye on suspicious activities from the top but will also support them during combat operations by engaging aerial targets using weapons like the AK-47 and dropping grenades. Moreover, it will be a helping hand in logistic operations.

About the prestigious Vishisht Seva Medal

The Vishisht Seva Medal is a prestigious award that has been constituted to recognise the distinguished service of a high order to all ranks of the Indian defence force.

Instituted on January 26, 1960, as VSM Class-III, the award was renamed as Vishisht Seva Medal on January 27, 1967.

Forms of the award

Medals: The medal is a circular-shaped metallic device crafted with bronze metal. Attached to a plane horizontal bar with standard fitting, the diameter of the medal is 35 mm. While a five-pointed star is embossed on its obverse, the State Emblem is decorated on its reverse. The inscription is embroidered along the upper rim.

Ribbons: The ribbon is a gold-colour honour. It has three dark blue stripes that divide the strip into four equal parts.

Bar: If a soldier makes a significant contribution again, they will be awarded with a bar and is attached to the riband by which the medal is suspended.

Eligibility to receive the medal

There are several criteria that a soldier has to meet to receive this prestigious award.

Designed to honour soldiers, this award can be given to all ranks of the Air Force, the Navy and the Army, including Auxiliary and Reserve Forces (when embodied), Territorial Army Units, and other lawfully constituted Armed Forces.

Nursing officers and other members of the Nursing Services in the Defence Force are also awarded with the medal for their outstanding contribution to the defence force.

Notably, the medal is only awarded to soldiers for their distinguished service of a high order.

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