WATCH: Farmers adopt innovative way to keep tear gas loaded drones at bay

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New Delhi:Amid the tense situation at Haryana’s Shambhu border, where thousands of farmers are camping with tractor trolleys as part of their ‘Chalo Delhi’ march, a video surfaced on social media on Wednesday showing the protesting farmers resorted to an innovative way to ward off the police drones dropping tear gas shells on them.

The Haryana Police has been using drones to fire tear gas shells at the farmers, attempting to deter them from entering the state and further to the national capital. At the Shambhu border, farmers were seen flying kites to limit the drones.

Clashes at Shambhu border

On Tuesday, clashes erupted between farmers and Haryana Police personnel at two border points between the states. Farmers encountered tear gas shells and water cannons as they tried to breach the barricades obstructing their protest march to Delhi.

After hours of confrontation with the police on Tuesday, farmer leaders suspended the protest for the day, resuming their march from the Shambhu border on Wednesday. Meanwhile, Punjab authorities have raised objections to Haryana’s use of drones at the Shambhu border.

Patiala Deputy Commissioner (DC) Showkat Ahmed Parray has written to the Ambala Deputy Commissioner, urging them not to dispatch drones into Punjab’s territory at the Shambhu border near Ambala.

Farmers have alleged that the unmanned aerial vehicle dropped numerous tear gas canisters on them while they were positioned well within Punjab’s territory.

Thousands of farmers, primarily from Punjab and Haryana, are participating in the ‘Delhi Chalo’ agitation to exert pressure on the central government for their demands, including legislation on Minimum Support Price (MSP) for crops and loan waivers.

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