WATCH | Human-animal conflict: Leopard enters house in Delhi’s Roop Nagar, injures 5

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New Delhi:A leopard entered a house in the Roop Nagar area of Delhi, injuring five people. The Delhi Fire Service was alerted to the incident around 6:20 am and immediately dispatched five fire tenders to Jagatpur village in Wazirabad, Delhi.

The police and forest officials were also alerted to the scene. The injured have been identified as Mahendra, Akash, and Ram Pal from Jagatpur village. With both authorities and villagers present, the bear was securely contained within a room. Currently, efforts are underway to safely rescue the leopard,

“At the scene, with the help of local residents, authorities successfully confined the leopard in a room. The injured individuals were promptly taken to a hospital,” said Atul Garg, the chief of the Delhi Fire Service. Police presence was also noted, and the forest department was notified of the situation.

12-year-old locks leopard at home

In another incident from Mumbai, a remarkable act of bravery unfolded when a 12-year-old boy found himself face-to-face with a leopard that had strayed into an office where he was engrossed in his mobile phone.The incident took place on a Tuesday morning at the Sai Celebration wedding hall along the Malegaon-Nampur Road.

The boy, whose father worked as a security guard at the venue, calmly left the room and quickly secured the door, effectively trapping the leopard inside and averting a potential danger. Without hesitation, he informed his father about the unexpected visitor.

Earlier sightings of the leopard had prompted a search operation in a nearby residential area, involving local residents, police, and forest officials. Upon receiving the boy’s alert, a forest officer from the Malegaon range collaborated with the Nashik City team to safely tranquilize and rescue the five-year-old male leopard

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