Watch: Woman strikes Titanic pose on moving scooter, falls off and gets fined

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Noida: Holi celebrations were in full swing across the country, and some people pushed all boundaries to make the festival eventful. One woman tried a daring stunt on Holi. Unfortunately, it did not go so well for her.

In a video making rounds on social media, a woman was seen standing on a two-wheeler and striking the “Titanic” pose after smearing the face of the boy riding the vehicle with colour. Within seconds, the woman fell from the moving scooter onto the ground with a thud. The clip captured her sitting clueless on the road after the unexpected fall. The clip grabbed eyeballs on social media, with many lashing out at the woman for her reckless behaviour.

Holi 2024: Woman falls from moving scooter video

Netizens were quick to express their opinions of the video. Some thought that the man purposefully dropped the girl for views on social media, while others lashed out at the duo.

Satisfying results
Now @noidatraffic should seize the vehicle

— Madhur Singh (@ThePlacardGuy) March 25, 2024

One wrote, “Looks like he dropped her by intent. Another stunt to get views on social.” media!! A second user mercilessly wrote, “Skull should have cracked open.” A third person commented, “Overconfidence cost you shameful situation.” Another user commented, “Making videos in public places, heritage sites etc should be banned by the govt.”

Netizens react to the viral Holi video

One netizen observed, “He didn’t even get down to help her or out of concern also, girls be roaming with anybody nowadays.”

Meanwhile, there were a few who justified the young man and woman. One wrote, “They are making videos without disturbing anyone.”

Apart from the embarrassment on social media, the young man and woman were served a fine by the traffic police. They were fined for Rs 33,000. Some netizens also posted other videos made by the duo along with another girl on the scooter.
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