When Cargo ship rammed into Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge | 10 Photos

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Baltimore: A container ship collided with Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore early on Tuesday, after which it plunged into the river. After the incident, several vehicles too fell into the chilly waters. It is not clear, what caused the incident. While two people have been rescued, it is still not clear how many more might be in the water. The structure of the bridge collapsed after the incident. It tumbles into the water within moments of the accident. The incident was captured on video. Thick, black smoke billowed out of the vessel after it caught fire.

A crew was working on the bridge at the time of the incident, authorities said after the vessel collided with the bridge. (AP Photo)

At the time of the incident, the water temperature was nearly 8 degrees Celsius before dawn Tuesday. (AP Photo)

The administration has declared a state of emergency. President Joe Biden has been briefed. (AP Photo)

Several vehicles were on the bridge at the time of the incident. This included a tractor-trailer truck. (AP Photo)

The bridge collapsed at night when traffic was lighter than as compared to the day when thousands of cars passed through the bridge. (AP Photo)

The remains of the bridge could be seen brightly in the morning. The bridge illuminated jutting up from the surface of the water. (AP Photo)

The bridge was opened in 1977. As per Maryland Transportation Secretary Paul Wiedefeld said all vessel traffic into and out of the port would be suspended until further notice. (AP Photo)

Synergy Marine Group, which owns and manages the ship confirmed the vessel hit a pillar of the bridge while two pilots were in control. (AP Photo)

Authorities said all crew members, including the pilots, have been accounted for. There are no reports of any injuries. (AP Photo)

The ship was headed from Baltimore to Colombo, Sri Lanka, and flying under a Singapore flag, according to data from Marine Traffic. (AP Photo)

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