Woman addicted to drinking blood consumed 3,800 litres in 10 yrs

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California: A woman named Michelle revealed that she is addicted to drinking blood. The California-based woman said that she drinks at least one litre of blood everyday. Yes, you read that right!

Woman is addicted to drinking blood

The woman, who opened up about it in 2013, said that she consumes blood of certain animals and claimed that drinking blood is a lot like drinking wine. In ten years, she consumed around 3,800 litres of blood. She said that she feels energized after consuming blood on a regular basis. The woman revealed that she often drinks the blood straight from the glass or mixes it with her meals. She also mixes the blood in her morning coffee.

“For me, blood is equally important as water,” she said, adding, “I like to drink blood while reading, relaxing, watching TV, or painting. There’s never a bad time for me to have some.”

‘I’d choose human blood any day’

“I’d choose human blood over animal blood any day, but I don’t label myself as a vampire. I’m just someone who likes blood,” the woman further said. She revealed that she got addicted to drinking blood in her teenage years when she was suffering from mental health issues and had resorted to self harm.

“When it goes down my throat, it’s like having a cold and drinking a hot toddy,” the woman has said. She said that it adversely affects if she is not able to consume the blood. “I get irritable, I get angry, I don’t want to leave my house – I want my blood,” she said.

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