Woman resigns due to lack of ‘psychological safety’ in her team; netizens react

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Ahmedabad: One woman decided to quit her job after realizing a shortcoming in her team. The woman took to a social and networking platform to talk about the incident that forced her to make the decision.

Soni Shaw, an IIM alum, shared the details of the incident that limited her tenure in the company she was working for. “In one of the last escalation emails that I had replied to just before leaving my job, every possible team was added to that thread. There was a product feature launch that was getting delayed due to which teams were trying to blame each other as well as the product team,” said the woman.

No psychological safety at work

Further, she claimed that no one from her team’s leadership came to “defend the team or share details to demonstrate urgency”. “I wrote a long mail while in the cab to my home. I explained the background and shared all the facts I had with me. Again, no one from my team supported me or talked to me about it,” said the woman.

Woman’s post about lack of psychological safety at work goes viral.
Image credit: Soni Shaw/LinkedIn

She added, “This is what a team with missing psychological safety looks like. Your manager and leadership have your back when it matters the most.” Consequently, she resigned her job.

Netizens swiftly responded to the post with their stories. One wrote, “Transparency, compassion and humanity.
Sometimes what’s missing in our work or our work environment is basic humanity.” Another wrote, “Using email as main comms resolves nothing. In that situation which I experienced many a time pick up the phone, arrange a conf call, set the call expectations/outcomes, prep with facts and a way fwd. secure commitment from all . Then move on.”

Netizens reacted to the lack of psychological safety at work.
Image credit: Soni Shaw/LinkedIn

Netizens react to lack of psychological safety at work

A third person claimed, “This inspires me now as I have been in a similar situation where the so-called management or leadership of my organisation has betrayed me and made me a scape goat for a poorly managed project. The project manager was never held responsible for People leaving or resigning in between the implementation for the same module, rather I have been held responsible for accepting the betrayed project and trying to make corrections or filling the gaps that are created by my fellow colleagues…..”

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