Woman says boyfriend stole her toilet after breakup

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New Delhi: Breakups are hard. Heartbreaks can prompt people to seek revenge. While some exes choose to steal your most beloved possessions, others end up saying harsh things to you. However, one woman was left in splits after her boyfriend stole her toilet after their breakup.

Yes, you read that right. He stole the toilet.

In a Reddit post, the woman said, “I split up with my boyfriend yesterday. I fell asleep while he was packing and he stole my toilet.”

She also posted a picture of the washroom with the missing toilet.

Viral post

Boyfriend steals toilet after breakup | Image: Reddit

She added, “He’s a licensed plumber so he knew what he was doing. I won’t lie I’ve been laughing about it to. Every breakup just gets more and more interesting.”

She further said, “He had kept me up all night arguing after working all day and I had the TV on. Also just a really heavy sleeper. I slept through most of hurricane Katrina.”

So what did she do without the toilet? “Been running to Taco Bell every time I gotta go. I’ve been waiting on the plumber all day,” she said.

She was able to get a new toilet fixed soon.

Netizens react

The post went viral on social media, with netizens sharing their thoughts in the comments section.

One user said, “I’m so sorry about the breakup and losing a toilet, but that’s so random it’s funny. He removed it very clean at least.” Another wrote, “Shouldn’t have told him to take all his sh*t and leave. He even took the remaining toilet paper with him.”

A third user added, “This sounds like a great movie setup, girl is freshly broken up and needs emergency plumbing help.” Yet another posted, “But what if the boyfriend bought the toilet and replaced the old one in the flat? It would be his right to take it with him.”

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